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Network assessment tool that creates data-plane activity; provides tailored scripting, and critical performance troubleshooting. Learn more about IxChariot.

System Monitoring Software

Off premise network monitoring solution that can keep you posted even when your internet connection fails. Learn more about Lazy Nanny. Powerful Network and Resources Monitoring tool. It enables monitoring of ping, disk space, service, applications, CPU, memory etc. Learn more about RoCKNet. Pre-integrated monitoring and management solution is ideal for service providers and enterprises with distributed operations.

Learn more about ScienceLogic Platform. SevOne provides the world's fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform to the world's most connected companies. Learn more about SevOne. Web-based solution that helps monitor the performance of containers based on services down to underlying hardware and software. Learn more about Sysdig Cloud. SAP Monitoring Software.. Real-time, Mobile, Easy to Install. Optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all.

Learn more about The Governor. ThousandEyes is a Network Intelligence platform that delivers visibility into every network your organization relies on. Learn more about ThousandEyes. Discover how Traverse Monitoring can help you. Learn more about Traverse Monitoring. Cyber security that not only protects you from attacks around the clock but also teaches your employees how to prevent attacks. Learn more about Zeguro. Umbrella IT management platform. It provides out-of-the-box monitoring for IP networks, servers, routers. Learn more about AggreGate Network Manager.

Set speed limits on file-sharing and peer-to-peer traffic. Give high priority to sensitive data streams like Voice over IP calls. Learn more about Bandwidth Controller. A suite of applications for network monitoring and management. Monitor availability, security, event logs, bandwidth consumption, etc. Learn more about Blesk. Monitoring and analytics software with unlimited graphs, dashboards, and alerts. Learn more about Circonus. The real-time visibility and control you need for your network while reducing expenses and increasing availability.

Learn more about IPAM. Physical network topology discovery, network mapper, network traffic monitoring, display VLANs, and more. Learn more about LanTopoLog 2. Web based solution made to enhance network and service quality. Features include big data and analytics. Learn more about ProInsight. Software to ensure network security and data retention for servers or desktop computers, with live migration and power saving features. Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Software to continuously verify networks' security with a visual interface to ensure control policies, analyze access, and more.

Learn more about RedSeal. Detect and respond to targeted attacks moving inbound, outbound, and laterally. Learn more about Trend Micro Deep Discovery.

Monitor all your network traffic from everything

Learn more about TrueSight Infrastructure Management. Learn more about nChronos. Free IT Search Engine; search, analyze and store an unlimited amount of data- for free! Learn more about punq. On-premise network monitoring solution that helps firms with data collection, response management and alert configuration. Learn more about Strike Network Monitor Pro. Stop losing customers because of transaction failure. Learn more about Assure.

Monitor and protect your network from abuse using this all in one solution. Learn more about Abusix. Centrally managing thousands of router ACLs from a single software application. Learn more about ACL Manager. A suite of 19 tools for monitoring network computers performance, managing and running programs remotely, viewing remote desktop, etc.

Learn more about AdminToys Suite. Scalable network performance monitoring software. Engineered to run in a VM. AlgoSec Business Flow is a network monitoring software that helps to assess the impact of network changes on application availability. Learn more about AlgoSec Business Flow. Powerful,advanced IP network checking and monitoring software with ease of use and versatility, for servers, databases, and more. Learn more about Appchkr. Network monitoring software for enterprises and service providers Learn more about Arrcus. Network monitoring software for enterprises and service providers.

A powerful solution for large and multinational companies to log internet performance, filter requests, and manage reporting. Learn more about Artica Proxy. Ensure your applications perform their best with Aryaka: on premise or in the cloud. Learn more about Aryaka.

AssureNow provides a unified service assurance solution, addressing fault, performance, topology, and network monitoring. Learn more about AssureNow. Anuta Networks ATOM is an industry leading software solution designed to deliver complete network analytics and closed-loop automation. Learn more about ATOM. Managed Workplace is a security-centric remote monitoring and management RMM tool. Learn more about Barracuda Managed Workplace. Learn more about BigPanda. BitCalm is a server backup configuration and management service for web developers.

You can configure backup of files and DBs to cloud. Learn more about BitCalm. Live monitoring of the devices status with automatic alerting system Learn more about BView. Live monitoring of the devices status with automatic alerting system. Learn more about callstats. Centeritys award winning software provides a Unified IT Performance Platform that ensures availability of critical systems. Network monitoring app that gives IT professionals the tools for computer diagnostics, error identification, and data visualization. Learn more about CID.

Open-Source vs. Closed-Source Network Monitoring Software

Learn more about CimTrak Integrity Suite. Manage your network quickly, easily and anywhere via our SaaS model. Learn more about ClearDelta System Collector. Helps performance analysts, operations personnel, network system programmers, and capacity planners monitor performance. Fully automated and fully integrated Network Management tools that helps you discover, map and monitor any IT network. Learn more about Codima Toolbox. CDN enabled with unlimited live streaming BW.

HomeGuard (64-bit)

Learn more about Content Delivery Network. CX Manager is a network monitoring software for the administration, management and support of all your existing PoS solutions. Learn more about CX Manager. Web-use filtering and monitoring in a powerful proxy server. Covers million Web pages with 80 blocking categories. Learn more about CyBlock. Learn more about CygNet. Internet Traffic Optimization. We intelligently reroute dynamic traffic to improve performance and maximize availability. Learn more about Datapath. Learn more about Demarc Point Network Analytics. Database monitoring solution that provides a customized dashboard and notifications so you know what's happening.

Learn more about DeviceAuthority. Cloud based solution designed to monitor the endpoint to develop advanced user behavior analytics and anomaly detection. Learn more about Dtex Systems. Cloud-based automated network monitoring solution that helps businesses with network expense management, maintenance and more. Learn more about Enigma NMS. Entuity Network Analytics simplifies network monitoring and enhances network performance, so you can delivering great user experiences Learn more about Entuity ENA.

Entuity Network Analytics simplifies network monitoring and enhances network performance, so you can delivering great user experiences. Provides integrated IT solutions to empower corporations and enterprises. Learn more about Everest IMS. WAN orchestration solution that provides visibility into network activity, usage and performance.

Best Network Monitoring Software 12222

Learn more about Exinda Network Orchestrator. Learn more about FlowCommand. Network performance monitoring platform that enables IT professionals to monitor network traffic and troubleshoot network problems. Learn more about Flowmon. Learn more about FlowTraq. Critical systems monitoring solution capable of monitoring networks, servers, routers, HVAC systems, printers, and other technology.

Learn more about FrameFlow. Web-based solution that provides IT management through automation, operations analytics, open source integration and more. Learn more about GroundWork. Monitors and alerts on the availability and performance of remote systems and applications Learn more about Heroix Longitude.

Monitors and alerts on the availability and performance of remote systems and applications. Learn more about IMMonitor Enterprise. INETCO Insight is a real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming platform for banking, retail and payments industries. Provides an accurate baseline understanding of network connections, routes and hosts through visual analytics. Learn more about IPsonar. Monitor and manage all your servers and networks using your phone.

Learn more about ITmanager. Learn more about iWatch. A high-performance content deliver network offering transparent, pay-as-you-go prices. Learn more about KeyCDN. Oracle based data, voice, and video network documentation and management system for companies and government agencies. The Leanides Student Pro was designed to bring config import, save and export to students studying with live gear in Cisco Labs. Learn more about Leanides D Learn more about LepideAuditor Suite. A network performance and analytics platform that empowers IT organizations through total network visualization.

Learn more about LiveNX. LogRhythm NetMon provides full and intuitive network visibility critical for threat detection and rapid incident response. Learn more about LogRhythm NetMon. Learn more about LoriotPro. Network monitoring virtual appliance for large networks. View your entire network from one screen. Free community edition! Learn more about Megamon. Web-based solution that provides network monitoring through websites blocking, email alerts, whitelists and more.

Learn more about Micro Keylogger. A comprehensive cloud service designed to monitor, manage, and report on server performance. Learn more about Monitorpack Guard. Better UC network performance for a better user experience. OnSite printers monitoring for inventory of devices, consumables and service alerts, with unique reporting and auditing algoritms. Learn more about MPS Satellite. Learn more about n-Command MSP. NCR Network and Security Services protects restaurant and retail network and IT infrastructures with a multi-layered security solution.

Advanced NCM tool for today's networking teams: automation, multi-tenancy, multi-vendor, compliance,and much more. Learn more about Net LineDancer. NetBeez is a distributed network monitoring solution that detects network and application issues on any wired and wireless networks. Learn more about NetBeez. Affordable alternative to expensive and complicated high-end network management systems.

Learn more about NetDecision. Comprehensive network monitoring appliance. Monitor network traffic, devices, and services. Integrated alert system. Learn more about Netmon. Packet capture and store and analysis platform that offers support for real time and historical analysis of network data.

Learn more about NetOcean. Online network forensics and analysis system, that offers user dashboards, aggregation and correlation of raw traffic. Learn more about NetOmni. Manages computers and crucial hardware such as routers, network bridges, uninterruptible power supplies and software. Learn more about netPrefect. Netscan is a browser based network diagnostic service that you can seamlessly embed into your product. Learn more about Netscan. Centralized network surveillance, track workstations and individual users that may use multiple PCs on a network. Learn more about NetVizor.

Performance evaluation tool which ensures visibility, data visualization, reporting, and alarms through predictive analysis. Learn more about nGeniusONE. All-in-one infrastructure monitoring solution that allows you to find and solve issues before they become issues. Learn more about NiTO. Scalable, flexible, and easy to implement intelligent network management software Learn more about NMIS. Scalable, flexible, and easy to implement intelligent network management software.

Learn more about NMSaaS. Noction Intelligent Routing Platform is designed to improve the performance and reduce operational costs of a multi-homed BGP network. Learn more about Noction IRP. Over 15 OPC tools. Automate your IT infrastructure management to create seamless and secure IT continuity. Learn more about Optanix. Windows based network monitoring tool providing easy installation, configuration via the Microsoft Management Console.

Learn more about Overseer. This software monitors traffic on your network and movement for virtualized and cloud-based environments while assisting with security. Learn more about Phantom VTap. Allows real time monitoring of availability of network devices. Learn more about PingGraph MultiMonitor. Power and control over your network assets all wrapped up in one complete solution. Learn more about PrefixNE. Learn more about Pro River Life Vest. Pulse continuously identifies and assesses all devices and IoT systems, and provides the ability to respond to network threats.

Learn more about Pulse. PushMon provides easy monitoring for scheduled scripts, jobs and batches. Learn more about PushMon. Software for web load testing, database monitoring and database optimization. Learn more about QuotiumPRO. Radar Live shows a global view of internet performance anomalies, based on data from the Cedexis Radar Community. Learn more about Radar Live. For SaaS developers: stop being interrupted by alerts. Events are prioritized and filtered to your preferences. Learn more about Ropig. All-in-one Monitoring for Ruby on Rails apps. Performance and error monitoring.

Learn more about RorVsWild. Operates, troubleshoots, and plans the world's largest networks with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Learn more about Route Explorer. Cyber security platform, designed to physically isolate malware by providing users with 'disposable' desktops. Learn more about Safeweb Engine. A cloud-based solution that offers the full suite of features for WAN optimization. Learn more about Sangfor vWOC.

Proactively monitors network, web sites, servers,WiFi access points, routers, switches, media gateways, and more. Learn more about Sentinel IPS.

Best FREE Network Monitoring Tools | 25+ Free & Premium Tools

Get real time visibility on all things performance to make your business run better and smarter. Learn more about SentiNet. A network monitoring solution for Windows and Linux servers, applications, devices, the network infrastructure, and more. Learn more about ServerAssist.

Provides deep monitoring of your servers and network devices giving you the information you need when you need it. Software that provides a unified view of service delivery, availability and performance of IT components along with security insights. Sightline helps IT departments proactively predict performance issues, prevent unplanned downtime and reduce mean time to resolution. Learn more about Sightline.

Learn more about sMonitor. System and network monitoring software designed to monitor Unix host performance, data throughput, RPC portmapper, and ethernet load. Comprehensive toolkit for quick development of reliable and scalable SNMP-based management applications. Learn more about SNMP.

Net Component. Learn more about SparrowIQ. Cloud-server-monitoring tool built on AWS CloudWatch that allows you to receive notifications wherever you are. Learn more about Spectrum. Network Management Suite for planning, managing and optimization of communication networks. Learn more about StableNet. Performance management tool which provides real-time end-user experience through monitoring of networked applications.

Learn more about SteelCentral AppResponse. We help enterprises integrate metrics, events, topology and log data across their diverse collection of IT operations management tools. Learn more about StreamWeaver. Window Live Family Safety If you want to parental control on a windows system, then you choose the best free Window live Family Safety software. Easy to set screen time. Real-time location tracking Access to online activities. Pros: Easily use the filtering feature. Cons: Control of apps depends on your window version. Track all phone calls and messages. Pros: With this app, you get various features of filtering and blocking.

Cons: There is no screenshot feature of online chat. Net Nanny This app is one of cross-platform for monitoring various activities and filtering websites. Features such as : Easy to block social apps and websites. Monitor online activities. Manage Screen time. Pros: With this app, you can easily monitor various activities such as website filtering. Cons: This app is not compatible with iOS devices.

There are features of Kidlogger such as: Access web history and social app Allow to time tracking. Easily monitor phone calls, messages, and chats.

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Pros: With this app, you get screenshot features. There are some features such as: Access real-time GPS location. Easily block the inappropriate sites: Check device usage time. Pros: Real-time location with a notification alert. There is two version of this app such as free version and premium version. MSpy Parental Control mSpy is one of the best parental control app that offers ultimate features for parents to control over the kids.

There are some features such as: Access calls history and contact details. View text messages. Monitor real-time GPS location. Better Geo-fencing feature. Pros: With this app, you can easily use filtering feature and block websites. Cons: If you want to install on the iOS device, you have to jailbreak feature. There are some basic features such as: Provide cross-platform features. Easily setup screen time limit. Block social app or websites with instantly. Remotely access messages. Cons: The free version of this app offers limited features.

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  4. If kids are cross the boundary, then you get instant notification on your phone. It helps you can easily understand kids moves and activities. It is popular for its easy-to-use and pleasing Web GUI that is fully configurable. Zabbix focuses on monitoring and trending functionality. This software is frequently used for monitoring servers and network hardware. One of the highlights of Zabbix is that it can predict trends in your traffic.

    Zabbix can forecast future behavior based on historical data. Since it is open source, it has an active user community spread around the world and good documentation. Zabbix gives the freedom to use the open-source solution without vendor lock-ins including all components. Zabbix is powerful for SMB networks below 1, nodes. Over that, the software can get slower and its performance decreased. It is another open source infrastructure and service monitoring tool. Icinga was developed in by the same team of developers that brought you Nagios.

    It is a very easy to use and flexible tool for SMB and enterprise networks. The software focuses strongly on monitoring infrastructure and services. Icinga is popular at providing superior alters and reports of the general health of your IT infrastructure. All alert dependencies can be displayed in the dashboard and sent via email, SMS or mobile message applications. Since Icinga is open source it is completely free.

    With its strong community forum, you can get all support you need. It is a monitoring service specially designed for hybrid cloud environments. Datadog can also monitor the performance of network, apps, tools, and services. One of the highlights of Datadog is that it can provide extensibility though many APIs Application Programming Interfaces with very good documentation. The software is very easy to install and can be up and running in on time.

    To make it easy, agents can download and install the software. You can create custom graphs, metrics, and alerts in an instant, and the software can adjust them dynamically based on different conditions. Formerly known as Labtech, ConnectWise Automate is a new cloud-based manager and monitoring solution that can keep track of your IT infrastructure devices from a single location.

    ConnectWise Automate discovers all devices in your network so they can be monitored proactively. The network visibility is improved because the tool interprets problems and initiates an automatic pre-defined action to mitigate the issue.